Welcome to Café Cult!

Established in Hamburg

Here we make coffee to a "Cult"

In November 2004, the first own coffee, branded ‘Café Cult’, was roasted in the in-house roasting facilities. Our coffees are roasted gently in a gas-powered drum roaster exactly to the point, under the lead of our experienced, industry- wide known roast master. 

Newly discovered rarities from their respective countries of origin, as well as new trends can now be launched on the market much more quicker and competently which delight our Café Cult fan worldwide. 
The standardised coffee range currently consists of more than 40 selected varieties. Always in search of exclusive supplements of this assortment, our coffee roasters are pleased to offer you absolute rarities, such as Kopi Luwak or seasonal delicacy like the Maple Walnut. All our specialties are offered in a noble, modern coffee bag with pressure valve. 

Our Quality
Our roast master transforms exceptional green coffee beans into superior quality coffees in our very own roaster. We like to take
particular care in the choice of our coffees, their storage and, finally, in the roasting process. We are integrated in a network, which allows
us to make direct contact with plantation owners in the most important coffeeproducing countries. As these are the best coffee qualities
available on the international market, we are willing to accept that their prices are well above the global market’s standard.

Our Café Cult gourmet coffees are roasted according to the traditional slow roasting method using low temperatures (160 – 200°C) in our gas
fired drum roaster – we consciouslydistance ourselves from industrialshock roasting methods. Since every kind of coffee requires a different degree of roasting, we continue “hand-roasting” our coffees.

The hot coffee beans are then quickly and gently cooled using fresh air.
We have decided not to use water for the cooling procedure, as this has a negative effecton the coffee’s perishability. The generalframework resulting in some of the best coffeequalities in the world has thus been achieved.

Our Philosophy

When creating our coffees we pursue only one philosophy and that is quality. Exclusively flavour- intensive, high quality gourmet coffees form our finely balanced assortment. Here, we not only focus on first class cultivation, which is vital for a high quality coffee, but also on the absolute freshness of the green coffee beans when reaching Germany. An attentive and appreciative handling of the coffee is just as important as an accurate and experienced hand-roasting.

Entirely new worlds of taste will open to the coffee drinker when enjoying our select gourmet coffees, fine coffee blends and flavoured coffee specialities. Only aromatic and high quality coffees enrich our carefully composed assortment. The taste and aroma of these unusual top coffees will surely convince you. Taste for yourself!

Our Products

Gourmet Coffee

The green coffee beans, destined to being transformed into Café Cult plantation coffees, are chosen using our experience in selecting only premium coffees from the best cultivation areas. Our roast master refines the green coffee beans so that the final result is a singular taste brought about by perfect craftsmanship. Whether you choose our fine Perú Gourmet “Finca Rosenheim”, the noble “Best of Brazil”, the captivating Nicaragua Maragogype Superior Giants, the aromatic

Costa Rica “Tarrazu” or the impressing Ethiopia Sidamo “Dream of Africa” – our top quality coffees are praised time and again in international tasting sessions. With this selection of plantation coffees we are offering our coffee fans a
wide range of incomparable flavours.

Fine Coffe Blend

These Café Cult coffee specialities are blends of select raw coffees and perfectly matched creations for any coffee connoisseur who is expecting something special. Our espresso specialities are strong, spicy and sweet compositions with a vivid aroma. Coffee friends who love mild coffees especially choose the “Schümli” with its full taste. The distinguishing trait of our “Mild Melange” is the particularly gentle roasting.

Flavoured Coffee Blend

Our flavoured coffees are an ideal change to your everyday coffee. The harmonic and fine aromas of the D&B coffee specialitiesoffer expressive taste experiences not only for special occasions. Well-balanced, exclusive coffee blends form the bases of all our flavoured varieties. The added aromas are carefully dosed such as to allow the fine coffee flavour to unfold and to facilitate a harmonictaste of coffee bean and flavour.


With our Café Cult displays, you will be able to provide variety and competence in even the tiniest of shops. Filled with all our bestsellers of each section, these items are surely an enrichment owing to their looks and flavours. Whether these displays are your entrance ticket to the world of speciality coffees or whether they are simply the completion of your range of select coffees, you will surely impress your ambitious customers!