Flavoured Coffee

Our flavoured coffees are an ideal change to your everyday coffee. The harmonic and fine aromas of the D&B coffee specialitiesoffer expressive taste experiences not only for special occasions. Well-balanced, exclusive coffee blends form the bases of all our flavoured varieties.

The added aromas are carefully dosed such as to allow the fine coffee flavour to unfold and to facilitate a harmonictaste of coffee bean and flavour.

Sure, coffee has many different facets. Sometimes it is mild, spicy, smooth, chocolaty, nutty or fruity, with more or less sweetness or tanginess. And that is the way it should be, however, it is not always satisfactory enough. Some of us sometimes yearn for more sweetness, more chocolate or nuts, more fruits. This “more” of something can be found on the following pages in our flavoured coffee blends.

We admit that our extensive experience of flavouring teas has helped us create these. This is why we were able to develop a process which is gentle and conserves the original flavours of the coffees as well as those of the added aromas. The result is a wellbalanced composition of the coffee which supports its unfolding in the cup and which also allows the flavours to develop their fascination to the fullest.